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Default Re: Where (When) to Begin Episode 7

Originally Posted by ThanosOfTitans View Post
Interesting read:

But things are always subject to change.

I'm super excited for Episode 7. Original trilogy is bad ass. The prequels are a hot mess. I have no knowledge of the expanded universe. And the little exposure I have to the Old Republic is from the original Knights of The Old Republic games (which I loved).
I'm more or less in the same boat. I beat KOTOR like 12 times. Sith Lords was just confusing, and I didn't even know the old lady was an Evil Sith until I was lightsabering her face. I guess apearances wern't decieving.

But as for the movies, I'm tempted to say "don't look at anything Lucas gives you, Don't dogmatically stick to EU canon, don't pick up the story immediately after and go through what each Ewok went through after the Empire fell."

I might be flexible on that first point. Knowing which parts to trim out of Lucas' ideas is probably what made the OT what it is.

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