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Default Re: Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"

As of now, this is far from a finished product that is ready to pitch. I have a basic set of ideas and principles, but they're far from completed concepts.
When I do eventually (officially) pitch it, hopefully you'll have some extra time to count yourself as a potential player to get the game approved.

Now a few questions for anybody who's interested in the G&M2.0 concept and is reading this...

Concerning the Far East (China, Japan, etc) do you think I should flesh it out a bit as well? Basically in the same vein as I did for Europe, i.e. providing a basic backdrop?

Same can be asked for Africa as well, I guess?

And what of the New World and/or Australia? What are your opinions on including that in the beginnings of the game, or should it wait until a later time to be introduced?

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