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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
Again, give those actress mentions a grain of salt, even MEW herself says she has no idea where the Sharon Carter rumor came from.

And there's been nothing to insinuate that Carter would be killed off. Anywhere. Now you're just adding fluff.
Carter isn't exactly a character that stands out in the greater Marvel universe.. she's fair game to get an axe like Coulson was.. I did say "might" because we never know for sure until the film is are right it's not for sure Sharon but who else could it be? Jessica Drew and a very limited amount of female characters come to mind..

I trust Latino Review and Deadline..the latter is one of the more respected film industry trade news outlets.. so when they mention actresses it's not some off-colar comment from an interview or rumors/speculation they have direct studio/agency sources.. Mary Elizabeth Winstead denied LR's casting story since she couldn't confirm it even happened because of the agreements these actors sign..LR has been on the money with a majority of their insider stories, they've even been sued by Marvel over releasing movie plot points and broke a ton of stories like these previously only to be confirmed months later.. the site has a very strong record with their stories..

just a couple of examples..

Ledger cast as the Joker and Brandon Routh in Superman Returns..

Loki/Thanos in Avengers

David S. Goyer writing Man of Steel

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