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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Surfer's one of my favorite heroes, would definitely love to see him come into this somehow. I hope some sort of deal was worked out with Fox a while back when they were trying to acquire the rights to FF characters.

I can't see Fox giving up Galactus, but maybe Fox and Marvel could find a way to share the rights to some of the characters.

Perhaps both franchises start exploring alternate timelines/verses and indicate that both marvels exist in different universes. Marvel studios' universe is Marvel 999999. Fox could be Marvel 6666666 lol. They could agree to do a cross-over, but only in the sense that they would cross into the same verse, and Pym/Mr. Fantastic both have access to concepts like the negative zone. A possible problem is which studio gets to display it on film first? Marvel may want to explore this first because of Pym.

There would be two surfers and two versions of Galactus on screen. One in the Fox verse and one in the Marvel Studios verse. It would be explained by the studios working together and establishing that both universes differ from Marvel 616 & 919 etc. These are the movie verses, one of them focuses on X men/FF (Fox IS building a shared universe over there...) and Marvel studios focuses on Avengers and everything else. With this mechanism in place, Marvel studios could pay a little bit more money to include a mutant or two later on. Especially with the mutants starting the alternate timeline thing...

The thing that would separate these timelines from some comic verses and each other more than anything else is Kang.
In Fox's new FF verse Kang is fine...
In Marvel studios 9999999 verse Kang is Immortus. He's changed his own past, created alternate universes, he rules points in the past and in the 31st century. There's little mention of Richards and Immortus rules the alternate 31st century Guardians when the Universal church of truth shows the 21st century team the timeline split.

For example: instead of using Kang, they pay a certain amount of money to use the name Immortus. Surfer and Galactus would be approached differently from what Fox wants to do with them.

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