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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

I'll list out the titans of the live-action franchise.

1. Batman (1989) - Part of its appeal is admittedly nostalgia, but that it's still good after 20+ years means it has been elevated to a classic in my book. Michael Keaton remains my favorite in the role.

2. The Dark Knight - This holds up better than ever after four years.

3. Batman Returns - Deserving of this spot if not by atmosphere and style alone.

4. Batman Begins - One of the best origin stories on film.

5. The Dark Knight Rises - It had promising ideas (Bruce Wayne overcoming his physical weaknesses, a new tyrant that rules over Gotham, etc.), but this turned out so... half-baked. It was poorly written, poorly edited, and was filled with as many bad concepts as were good. I'll never watch it again from start to finish, but may check out isolated scenes such as the first fight between Batman and Bane.

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