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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by GothamInAshes View Post
well to me, realistically, its gonna be the week of release when people actually see it. but seeing the polls i can understand that the announcements are when people will be unhappy as am i. especially when i heard they were making a new star wars trilogy....

point being, i think i'd change my vote towards the announcing of a reboot or JL. you cant beat the Chris Nolan Batman. nuff said.
Eh, people said the same thing about the Joker. "You can never beat Jack" and such. And then Heath came along.

Now, I do think this trilogy has left big shoes to fill, because it made three very quality films, but you never know. And as to the Star Wars thing...well, with Lucas only being involved in an advisory capacity, who knows? It might actually be good. It's not like it can get much worse then Eps 1 or 2.


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