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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by DRCDarkKnight View Post
Well Lauren Cohan is too fat faced to play WW. Her face lacks structure and even in her most intense scenes in walking dead she comes of like the GF you tell to shut up before she gets her butt whooped by a real woman. And sure Karl Urban could play batman but hes 40 and looking older every year. I just rewatched Green lantern and no it wasnt just a bad script RR looked like someone had just farted after every line he delivered. like he is amused by everthing hr says. i admit i never read the GL comics ... is Hal an arrogant cocky jerk in the comic. and jake gyllenhall is a step up from Tobey maquire in superhero looks he does not the screen presence of putting on a garnet costume and it not looking like its spoofing a real superhero movie. In my opinion ........... NO!!
Well, at least, most of my choices can actually act!

Also, in what way does Teresa Palmer look even close to WW?

Somerhalder is 5'9"! And has hardly shown anything to suggest he's right to star in a potentially billion dollar movie!

You pan Jake Gyllenhaal in the same page that you suggest Alan Ritchson in? WOW!

And Derek Luke is like 38! Shouldn't Cyborg be in high school or something?

Shawn Roberts? What's GL gonna do in that movie? Fight zombies? Reynolds is a much better actor than what we saw in the GL movie... just watch Safe House!

Should be enough reasons I guess!

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