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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
Green Hornet has an embarrassing version of Brit Reed, I'd love to see this get franchise get rebooted if no good sequel is green lit for it
If they reboot Green Hornet it should be based on Green Hornet: Year One which was absolutely excellent. It should definitely be a period piece, no more trying to adapt it to modern day or adapting the Kevin Smith Green Hornet comic book (which was what the movie seemed to be based on). 1938 or so, people.

I'd love to see a reboot of The Shadow from the new Garth Ennis book, as well. Heck if they eventually made a version of Masks then with Green Hornet and Kato, The Shadow, and The Spider, etc. that would be great as well.

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