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Default Re: Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"

I'm loving the concept and I'm already running ideas through my head for a few characters now, I'm just concerned with making the world too big to start with considering the number of regular posters we have here.

Perhaps start with Europe and the Mediterranean and then build East of Persia in the future once the rest of the world is established. Perhaps Persia is aware of what lies East of it's borders (adding to the mystery and mysticism of that area) and then establishing east of it's borders in a "phase 2" part of the game once it's found its feet.

Maybe Phase 1: Europe / Mediterranean basin.
Phase 2: Growing borders include China / Japan / Mongolia / Africa
Phase 3: Expands to the New World / Americas / Australia and Oceania

That said, I think this is a great idea. Just wish there were a few more people in this neck of the woods to enjoy it so we could start out with the full expanded idea.


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