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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 2

Why is it all the suggestions for WW are brunettes. i mean i believe Teresa Palmer with dark hair looks alot like WW. The thing is your actors can act but dont look the part. you cant say my choices dont look the part so i am 1 up. and it is possible they could give fantastic acting performances. i mean isnt that what this is about. Do you really believe based on everything you know about superhero movies your picks are possible. i mean if its fan casting then why dismiss gosling as flash or pine as GL who are clearly the best choices. So either we are casting for something that is a true possibility or fan casting either way i would say your list falls short of both criteria. Also why was my atack half assed but you saying things with even less weight about my choices not.
Shawn Roberts? What's GL gonna do in that movie? Fight zombies?

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