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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
Very interesting comparison between Luke and Anakin. I had never looked at it before that way. I don't agree with your take on ROTJ Palpatine however.

He wasn't a raving maniac. He was still a tempter and he was trying to goad Luke into turning to the dark side. He also offered Luke a chance to replace Vader, who up until this point had been the bane of Luke's existence, the man who had cut off his hand, the father who had killed one of his real father figures in Obi Wan (and perhaps could be charged with Owen and Beru's murders too), tortured his sister, and threatened his friends. Up until this point, Vader was the guy who haunted his dreams and Luke didn't see too fazed by the Emperor, which prompted Yoda's warning to watch out for him.

If anything ROTJ Palpatine was more of a boaster, overconfident, and really rusty at the manipulation game. But he never raved.
Palpatine wasn't exactly rusty. Up to this point Luke was becoming his father, he was rushing in to things he was not ready for and had already paid with his hand. He was beginning the process that lead to the loss of Anakins humanity and he got to the point where he nearly went over the edge and killed his father whom he spent the whole movie trying to redeem and find good within. Plus Palpatine didn't really need to convert Luke, he was in a position where if he refused he could easily kill him.

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