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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by DRCDarkKnight View Post
The thing is your actors can act but dont look the part. you cant say my choices dont look the part so i am 1 up.
This is like the most hilarious line ever!

So basically, you wouldn't ever pick Heath Ledger for Joker or Michael Caine for Alfred, would you?

So, if its looking the character you are concerned with, Teresa Palmer does not look like Wonder Woman... she is short (for WW), has the wrong body type and Taylor Cole looks more like Wonder Woman than Palmer ever will!

Originally Posted by DRCDarkKnight View Post
Do you really believe based on everything you know about superhero movies your picks are possible.
I'm sorry I don't understand?

Originally Posted by DRCDarkKnight View Post
Also why was my atack half assed but you saying things with even less weight about my choices not.
Its half assed because you didn't care to read this!
Originally Posted by aNarcHy2day View Post
Really my shortlist for each role... My first choices are of course in my signature.

Henry Cavill of course.
Armie Hammer-I think if he has to get a role in JLA, I mean IF he has to, it should be Superman! Definitely not Batman!

Karl Urban for a middle aged Batman.
Joel Edgarton is another guy who I can see in the role.
Josh Harnett too if you're going younger.

Wonder Woman
Lauren Cohan- She is very good in TWD and deserves a proper platform for a Hollywood shift.
Rachel Nichols- She has the height and the acting ability.
Emily Blunt- She is a very interesting pick. She is a very good actress and has a grasp of action from what I could see in Looper. She doesn't have the classic look though.
Gemma Artherton- Get a tan and we'll talk!
Gina Carano- I wanna see how she acts in her forthcoming projects before writing her off completely!

The Flash
Jake Gyllenhaal- He is a good actor who has that tendency to keep things light. Dunno how else to explain it!
Chris Pine- If he wasn't as busy, he'd have been ideal!
Ryan Gosling- I dunno if he'd consider Flash to be a second line hero, if he ever does a superhero in the first place!
Ryan Phillippe- He may be a bit on the shorter side but I liked him in whatever I have seen him in. He definitely can pull it off.

Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds- As I said before, different strokes for different folks. Ryan as GL worked for me.
Logan Marshall Green- He is my top choice if they wanna replace Ryan.
Jensen Ackles- He's there too, I guess.

Originally Posted by aNarcHy2day View Post
Shawn Roberts? What's GL gonna do in that movie? Fight zombies?
That was to emphasize the fact that its about the only thing Shawn Roberts has done on screen. Its even on his Wikipedia page. You should check that out!

Think we can end this now?

In case you didn't notice you aren't quite enamoring others with you picks either!

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