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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
To be fair to Fergie (and I'm loathe to do so as I don't like the man at all) most managers (and fans too) develop very selective memory about bad calls within any given game, blasting away about the ones that go against them, but ignoring any others that go their way (or if they do acknowledge them they play them down as not important).

There's been a running joke for while now about the amazing 6 foot wall that must erect itself in front of Wenger's dugout whenever Arsenal are on the right end of a bad call, inspired by his consistent "I didn't see it" gem.

Fergie's rants when a bad one goes against him are a bit priceless though, as UTD get at least as many go for them than against.

Personally, considering they are top of the table without having played all that well this season, I think Fergie should shut up and count his blessings that they are top. If his luck holds he is gonna bag another title, so no need for the histrionics when the occasional ref fails to oblige him.
Well I'm not loathe to as i see myself more neutral than most & give him more than enough credit for all the rest he has achieved. Also I acknowledge he has mellowed a lot in his old age and his post match comments are more balanced than they used to be.

But everyone knows that Utd over the last 20 or so years have got the rub of the green more than any other team. And because of his deserved stature in the game, people are scared to punish or speak out against Fergie much more so than other managers. When so many decisions go in his favour it's just silly & annoying when he complains so vigorously about the ones that don't.

Yeah agreed on Wenger If these guys managed to see & acknowledge when the opposition gets a bad call more regularly people might actually take their opinions seriously (beyond being afraid of what they might say).

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