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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Fergie is doing something Mourinho is also a master of, that stuff the journo's refer to as "The dark arts", he's took this storm in a tea cup and took all the focus away from the team and placed the scrutiny on himself.

Our game was boring today on an awful pitch but it was good to see Kagawa and Vidic looking good and to keep a clean sheet.

Newcastle must be wondering what they have to do to win a game, they have scored 3 goals back to back at Old Trafford and The Emirates and not gotten a single point, Walcott's hat-trick today was top class.

Bale got his 5th yellow for diving today...Funny but I don't see the articles condemning him for ruining the British game...............

I think as far as his dealings with the press go he does, but has any manager in the PL served more touchline ban time than Fergie over the last 3 or 4 years?
I really don't think it's that clever. Mourinho is a great manager but probably enough of an attention seeker that he would have done whatever he had done even if the team's performance didn't merit it. Fergie in a similar way is an uncontrollable hothead in those situations & I can't see him not blowing up just because his team didn't need him to. I think it's giving credit where it isn't due & in hindsight. These are the very best managers of our time so there's nearly every other area of management where they get full credit, no need for unearned freebies lol. Also seems like something designed to make the journos sound like they have some analytical ability. It's a bit like these students of literature who read all these complex underlying metaphors into a work when the author later comes out and says he didn't intend any of it.

What's your rating of Kagawa so far this season?

What do we need to do to win a game? How about not concede 10 goals in 2 games! Anyway these matches aren't going to matter as much as the later ones where we are supposed to pick up points. If we don't then we're in real trouble. Is the real Alan Pardew emerging?

Yeah, the Bale diver tag needs to get a lot more coverage if he keeps doing it.

Hunter Fergie has probably earned a lifetime of touchline bans

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