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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Then all villains who are jealous of the hero are pathetic as well?
Absolutely. Jealousy is a pathetic motive to have. Especially compared to the motives of the previous villains in this franchise. Even Eddie Brock had more reasons than that to hate Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3, and he's one of the most pathetic loser villains ever put into a CBM movie.

I'm not saying jealousy was Bane's sole motive. In fact I don't think it was a motive at all. I think he was doing it out of loyalty and love for Talia, just like he did all those years ago risking his life in the pit just to protect her when she was a child.

Originally Posted by the_scream View Post
I think if anything Bane was trying to show he was more than both Bruce and Ras. He even says "I am the League of Shadows". He was trying to prove himself. This is very similar to Banes motivation in Knightfall which was to show he could best the Batman for the sake of it. I don't see how his motivation is anymore unusual than that.
In Knightfall, Bane didn't know Batman from Adam. He never met him, never even heard of him until Bird told him about him in Pena Duro. Bane in TDKR came to Gotham knowing everything about Bruce from the LOS history with Batman. He didn't figure out Batman's identity like Bane in Knightfall did. He didn't study him. He didn't want to take Gotham from Bruce and own it for himself.

He just wanted to help Talia honor her father by finishing his work. He was handed all the info he knew about Batman on a silver plate in TDKR. He didn't escape the pit like Bane escaped from Pena Duro in the comics, which was the equivalent to the pit, the hell hole of the universe they called it where Bane spent his entire life. He didn't over come any major adversity by himself. In that regard I think he was an inferior version of comic book Bane. He was just some guy sentenced to life in the pit, protected little Talia, got beaten up badly, and was saved, trained, and exiled by Ra's, and then inherited the LOS thanks to his affiliation with Talia. There was nothing impressive about Bane like there was about Bane in Knightfall. He was a sellf made man who over came some major obstacles all by himself and was out to prove himself.

What reason did he give to want fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny? He never gave one. The "I am the League of Shadows" line is blown way out of context. Did anyone expect him to reveal the "twist" that he was doing it for the daughter of Ra's? Of course not. They couldn't have him hinting he was working with someone else that early in the movie. It would spoil the Bane as a child in the pit subterfuge. When Talia is revealed it's all made clear. Bane protected her in the pit as a child when he had no reason to. He just cared about her. So what makes you think he had some new reason for being here now willing to die for her again all these years later? Talia is the one who says they're here to honor her father's work. Name one line where Bane gives any reason he wants to fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's work, because we all know Nolan is anything but subtle when it comes to explaining main villain motivations. Talia got a whole entire monologue scene that basically said this was all her personal quest.

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