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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
DAREDEVIL: now that the rights went back to the House of Ideas it is time for a DD film that does the character justice and is part of a bigger universe. personally I would enjoy if they focus on the San Francisco years of DD to set it apart of the FOX version and then let him return to Hell's Kitchen in the sequel. maybe establish his relationship with Black Widow.

BATMAN: no total reboot, maybe a soft reboot. like, ignore TDKR ever happend and start right where TDK ended. a similar version but not as extreme as Nolans 'realism'. leave at least some doors open for a couple of the more fantastical concepts. not pure nonsense like Killer Crock, but if the Penguin is too unrealistic for the Nolan bros. then there is something wrong with their vision.

SPIDER-MAN: As soon as possible. I have no idea how to do it, but Webb gave me a very good impression of how to do it not.

FANTASTIC FOUR: It may take one or two years until FOX loses the rights to Marvel's first family. and of course they play the old 'oh, we are totally working on this movie, like, we already have the first page of the script written and we have announced a release date which is absolutely legally binding and stuff' game they already played with DD, but it is FOX we are talking about, so I'm very positive as late as 2015 the rights for the FF are with MS and we can explore their adventures as it was always meant to be.

SUPERMAN: hire a proper filmmaker for a Superman movie. One that gets the source material and doesn't care first and foremost what he considers as style and make it fun to watch.

: whatever way they go with the reboot it can't be worse than their first try to bring that character to the big screen. and it is time GL gets recognized as one of the best characters DC has to offer. hire a good actor. and with good I don't mean Ryan Reynolds.

TMNT: Stop the Michael Bay BS before it happens and focus on a sequel of the TMNT movie instead. okay, that's not a reboot.

: I just want to see a new Rocketeer movie. The first one was awesome (Jennifer Connelly!!). It is time to bring the fun and action of The rocketeer back on the screens.
HOLY **** i nearly lost it if you mean house of safe by the numbers formulaic blockbusters then sure

marvel has made 1 great film that is iron man that is the only marvel film that some depth to it and actually had it's own voice

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