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Default Re: Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"

Some very good points, Hound.

Having a first season, so to speak, focus primarily on the Euro-centered stage would probably help the game grow in it's early stages.
Especially since, in it's beginning, the game would be damn near a blank canvas needing players to fill it with people, places, and other things of note. The larger the game world the harder that task becomes, especially with the amount of players that might be involved, as you point to.

Maybe keep everything East of Persia a vague mystery for the most part (as it actually would be for most in Europe and the Middle East), but keep Silk Road in the game, as it would allow for a potential "in" for Eastern culture as well as allow Eastern ideas/items/characters to be fairly easily integrated into a European backdrop?

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