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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Agreed, just because it's a government job doesn't mean cutting it is just downsizing government. I know a few postal workers, good guys. The post office already almost went under, and a 20% cut could do some serious damage. I'd rather they not lose the jobs they've had for so long. I'd also rather not have delivering mail become a private entity.

I agree with Kelly in that I'd like for wasteful spending to be cut. Cutting 20% or so out of some parts of gov would force them to stop wasteful spending if they want to stay afloat. I just wouldn't want to do it across the board as I don't think every level of government is as wasteful as the next.

For example, I'd undo the above pay raise for congress (which I agree, is ridiculous) and give them a pay cut instead. Maybe further individual pay cuts based on evaluation of what work they actually do. I can't name many other job positions outside of CEO's, where you can take off more than you work, do next to no actual work, cause your company harm based on pride, and still not only have job security, but get a pay raise.

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