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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
Tobey Maguire was rumored to take a role in Life of Pi, but he didn't
Same might happen to that Cooper guy
Wasn't Maguire only cut because Ang Lee wanted an international cast? Plus, I don't think changing an actor will do anything as the film itself will probably fit the "hipster/emo" demographic and be some sappy tale that only Twihards will enjoy. Look at the reboots you've got as of late where they have never been able to handle the material correctly and only mess things up.

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
BATMAN: no total reboot, maybe a soft reboot. like, ignore TDKR ever happend and start right where TDK ended.
Imo, that would be the dumbest thing. Ever. Of all time.

Let's just destroy Nolan's vision. Heck, let's make a sequel to The Prestige now!

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