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Default Re: Shailene Woodley IS Mary Jane Watson!

Originally Posted by RemixNinja View Post
Questions over Mary-Jane:
1. Should she see the "jackpot" line?
If it isn't used, I won't be bothered by it.

2. Be Gwen's friend?
I think she should be. She should be close to both Gwen and Peter and be there for Peter when Gwen eventually dies as well.

3. Dating Harry?
It won't make sense for this series, imo.

4. Know who Spiderman is?
It would be nice if she found out by herself, but if she doesn't, no biggie.

5. Be recasted, since they haven't started filming?

Go ahead and see how she is in TAS-M 2. Can't be any worse than Kirsten Dunst.

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