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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Brian Braddock View Post
Considering Dredd's failure due to it's lack of budget and advertising I've been thinking about something a lot - there are actors with stroke out there who claim to be die-hard fans of 2000AD and various directors over the years (who have enough stroke to get films of theirs funded with budgets bigger than Dredd's) swiping 2000AD's themes, tones and visuals for years. Why don't all these people have more of an influence in getting a big bucks 2000AD off the ground?

Surely as fans they would want to see the films done well too? Surely as fans they would have as much faith as we do that if they were done right they could be real box-office successes?
You would think so wouldnt you, if I was an actor with a lot of money and some pull I would try like hell to get a 2000AD movie off the ground. Its strange though that they dont seem to bother.

Its a bit like football, to use my team as an example, Paul McCartney is supposedly a huge Evertonian yet has never expressed any interest in putting money in the club. I guess its the same with actors and them being fans of certain properties.

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