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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

I can accept for now The Last Stand as part of cannon.But,I have raised possiblty they might be misleading us.Which wouldn't be first time this has happened.

But how much onscreen will we actully get In The Wolverine to connect directly to last Stand.Both Wolverine leaving X-Men and having dream or hallunication of Jean could easily tie In to Wolverine leaving mansion shortly after events of X2 If they wanted to let Bryan Singer outright Ignore The Last Stand.It doesn't appear for now that Is way they are going but that Is possibilty that can't be 100 percent dismissed.

I expect returing characters In future to be actors from X-men and X2 even with future being sequel to X_Men trilogy.Since Kitty was In X-Men and X2(played by different actresses) It's possibly In theory for Ellen Page to return as Kitty.Although my bet Is eather her or Anna Paquin will be In film,and If Ellen Is In film It's likely they couldn't make DOFP schedule work with Anna's schedule.I don't expect any on screen references to things In Last Stand like Cure and what happened to Xavier.Bryan may go along with saying that film happened In film cannon but I seriously doudt he will want to call attention to things that happened In that film.I think Beast and Angel will be among the dead characters.

If James Marsden or Famke Janssen are announced as returing cast members for DOFP prior to filming that Is a major clue to what Bryan Is doing.

1:The Wolverine will tie In someway to DOFP(Most likely at end or post credit scene) so I don't buy an alternate timeline unconnected to other films
2:Unlikely James or Famke would be announced early for cameos at end of film for showing the events of time travel has done away with future with Sentinles as well as events of Last Stand(If Bryan keeping the Last Stand In cannon for future with sentinles I defently don't put It past him to use time travel to give reason for throwing out The Last Stand)

So if Hugh jackman Isn't misleading people on behalf of DOFP and what Is exactly seen In the wolverine the future scenes In DOFP are sequel to first Class,X_Men trilogy,and
The Wolverine.

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