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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
FF will be made at Fox.It has a release date.SOmething It never had before,and shows they are serious.
A reboot of a franchise that is divided by comic book fans on whether FOX should still have it. It's also a franchise that the GA couldn't really care any less about either way.

The only thing FOX is worried about is maintaining the rights to FF. A decent FF film is dead second. But if you're comfortable with that, then that's great for you I guess.
Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Amazing Spider-Man 2 will not flop.I don't like Jamie Fox as electro or anything he said about Electro but ASM2 will likely do 200 Million at least domesticly.
....What's funny is that you can't even say anything good about this this sequel yet your hoping I'm wrong.

For the record no Spider-man sequel has ever done less than $300M domestically. So settling for a $200M box office with a previous $230M production budget "would" be a flop in Hollywood's eyes. The first Spider-man film made over $800m Worldwide and has been on the decline ever since.

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
And despite your hopes The Wolverine won't bomb.You should be more worried about GOFTG underperforming with the hobbit and DOFP coming out before It.One studo will likely blink and change release date.
Wow talk about having no straws to grasp at.... Is either of these films worried about Bayformers 4?

The Hobbit 3 at the moment is strictly FOX's problem not Marvel/Disney's. Why would I be worried about the last Marvel/Disney film to release before Avengers 2 that will feature Thanos and a group of "space Avengers" doing badly? I have more faith in GOTG than FOX with that FF reboot.

Make no mistake, the Hobbit 3 could still be #1 that weekend(I'm betting it will) GOTG only needs to do the same numbers that Cap and Thor did to be successful.

FOX has been doing this for 12 years and still can't do Spider-man numbers with it's best Marvel franchise.

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Fox Is never going to let go of X-Men so DIsney won't be adding them to their monopoly anytime soon.
Your most likely right but I wont be paying to see an X-men film anytime soon either.

The fact that FOX is making less and less money on these Marvel films is very clear as well. So despite your disdain for progress this thread will continue.

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