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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

I dont think there is any misleading going on when The Wolverine takes place. Mangold and Jackman confirmed in separate interviews it takes place after X3. Mangold said it was important for him to have it take place then with where Logan is in the Story. How this ties into DOFP, who knows.

Even if Famke or Marsden return that doesnt mean only X1 and 2 are canon. Timelines can be completely altered. Then what. they do X3 the redo? Fans may want that but it will not sit too hot with audiences. Especially those that do enjoy X3. They have to move forward in a new way and fix their mistakes. If X3 is gone in the alt future then all of the other movies will be gone or just flat out not mentioned. Going through the trouble to explain why only events up to X2 are in continuity will seem contrived, and honestly kind of pointless from how I see it.

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