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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I just realized that Captain America is really the only character in the film that had scenes showing him being formally introduced to every member on the team. Everyone else either already knew each other or met up with each other for the first time at the big battle. However, in Steve's case, we saw him being introduced to or meeting each member before the big battle:

1. He met Natasha after coming out of the Quinjet
2. He was introduced to Banner on the Hellcarrier
3. He met Stark in Germany
4. Met Thor on board the Quinjet
5. Met Hawkeye inside the Hellcarrier

By all accounts, he's already known for having the most screen time in the film; if his "man out of time" sequence had been kept in, it would have made it more evident.
He might meet everyone, but he doesn't have any meaningful dynamic with anyone aside from Tony.

So Hawkeye and Black Widow have their friendship, Black Widow and Banner have their own thing, Banner becomes friends with Tony.

Basically the only meaningful interaction Steve has with any character is with the one who belittles him. And such interaction is skewed in Tony's favor.

Also, it matters more what that characters do than how much screentime they have doing it.

Steve might have the most screentime (a measly 30 seconds more than Tony) but he's rarely doing anything impressive.

Captain America goes up against Loki, makes a moral stand, but can't back it up. Black Widow goes up against Loki, she outsmarts him and walks away with valuable information.

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