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Default Re: Which Comic Book Movie in 2013 are you most looking forward too?

I really don't mind if some people don't get Snyder or appreciate his work. I absolutely love the worlds he creates, the visuals he paints and the way he respects material and characters.

I am hoping that MOS will do for him what The Avengers did for Joss Whedon though.

'Why do I find all of this so horrible to explore?
Sure, they are interesting questions that I don't mind seeing in an elseworlds GN. But as a theme for the film that is kicking off the tone of the whole JL, and in a film that is presenting Superman to the general audience in a way that current generations will remember him?
I just don't like it. It's dark, it's depressing and it's not how I like the tone of Superman films to be.'
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