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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

They aren't going to redo Phoenix Saga.That Ship has longed since sailed.Bryan Singer's past work means you had to at least consider the possility of that happening.I am for now proceeding with notion that the future scenes are sequel to trilogy as well as First class
and The Wolverine.WOuld It surprise that Singer would throw out The Last Stand?No.
But,Inless some misleading Is going on It doesn't look like that Is happeneing.But,at same time there Is chance of using time travel to do away with events of Last Stand to allow them to do something else with oriignal Cast.

I am sick of reboots.Even If you pulled a star Trek and did away with all other films besides first Class and the past part of DOFP some will stillf find reason to complain.Just
take a look at MIS Marvel thread to find that out.

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