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Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
DC are no longer "writing for the trade", as part of the New 52 initiative, they want people to buy the issues. If you want to read Court of Owls, (though I don't see why you would) buy the issues. Simple as.
That's not a good business plan is it, as not every shop will stock 2-3year old issues. As I've stated a couple of times I don't have the space for single issues anymore and try to keep my stack to the ones I have read for years, which pretty much just finished with Spidey700.

Trades are much easier to pick up and read and lot at once and in the long run better to keep.

I'm sorry I can't fit into whatever landscape DC want with the New 52, as I have lots to read and can't risk picking up stuff I will not like.

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