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Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
That's not a good business plan is it, as not every shop will stock 2-3year old issues.
That is what the trades are actually for. Issues that are very old, not 12 months and less.

As I've stated a couple of times I don't have the space for single issues anymore and try to keep my stack to the ones I have read for years, which pretty much just finished with Spidey700.
TPB's don't take up much less room than the single issues. Why not just buy them digitally, then they take up no physical space at all?

Trades are much easier to pick up and read and lot at once and in the long run better to keep.
Then buy the trade. The trade off (no pun intended) is that you have to wait until the story is out of circulation.

I'm sorry I can't fit into whatever landscape DC want with the New 52, as I have lots to read and can't risk picking up stuff I will not like.
But you now know 1 thing you do like, like so much you want to pursue further, so why not just pursue Snyder's Batman further?

Originally Posted by the5timechamp View Post
wow thats horrible...I guess it will be 2 years until I can pick up the collected Death of the Family then...

No it's not horrible. Not even a little bit. DC Comics focuses more on comics, rather than graphic novels. If you want a story, just buy it. Otherwise, wait or buy the Earth One series.

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