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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Fergie is doing something Mourinho is also a master of, that stuff the journo's refer to as "The dark arts", he's took this storm in a tea cup and took all the focus away from the team and placed the scrutiny on himself.
The 'Dark Arts' refers more to teams that do anything to win. Deliberate fouls, diving, cheating in general etc. What Fergie and Jose do is 'Mind Games', and both know how to press the right buttons with the media to get a desired response. Jose actually loved winding up the British press while he was here (and did indeed make sure that most of the negative press stayed on him rather than affecting the players), but I think he has found it a bit harder in Italy and Spain to provoke them the same way (I think they are a bit wiser than our bunch, especially the tabloid mob, many of whom I consider to be extremely ignorant biased cretins)

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