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Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Well I would defently support this Idea,and considering not only DId Superman return sthrow out Superman III and IV but Bryan Singer and Tom Desanto's planned Battlestar Galactica sequel show would have outright Ignored Galactica 1980(reportly they would have reconned the only decent episode the return of starbuck by Ignoring the framing sequenzes and child born on planet would have actully had been Starbuck's child but It would have been a girl) so It's not something you can dismiss SInger from doing.Although
Hugh Jackman has said directly The Wolverine Is set after the events of Last Stand and It is suspose to lead In someway to DOFP but as I pointed out In another thread There
may be wiggle room depending on what Is actully said In The Wolverine about other films.

By the time Bryan has to do promation for jack The Giant Slayer we should know who
Is coming back from his films as well as First Class returnes.If Famke and James are announced by him returning in one of his twitter messages that Is a big clue.I am sure If Bryan had his way he would bring James,Famke,Anna,and Rebecca Romijn to join Patrick,Ian,and Hugh.With maybe Halle Berry also depending on If she and Bryan have repaired any differences they had and she Is willing to be a team player.

It's pretty much safe that Origins Is being ignored.Evein Hugh and James Mangold said the Wolverine takes place after 3 other films and It's clear they weren't Including Origins
as one of those 3 films.Plus If Mark Millar Is right and Fox post Rothman Is more Intrested In deadpool film you really have to say Origins Is being Ignored.
I agree 100% with everything you commented.

It's a very big tightrope act Bryan and FOX are walking. This could turn into a colossal mess if they don't do this just right. I think throwing out TLS and W: O IS the only way they can fix this franchise. It's been a mess since TLS and hasn't really recovered since then. Each film making less and less at the Box Office while Fans have been drifting further away from the franchise.

I think the buzz about the studio wanting Halle back is more internet buzz than actual fact. With all the personal problems Halle has been experiencing PLUS her desire to move to France only further proves she will be out. I doubt very seriously that she and Singer have repaired much of their relationship. He has kept good relationships with many of his cast with the exception of Halle. Most of the reports out of X2 wound up be more fact than fiction.

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