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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by ddddeeee View Post
Apparently Black Beauty is getting the lalaland treatment this year.
Oh really! I'll have to get it whenever it's released. I don't own the original 1994 album. I only have a few cues from the Elfman compilation of the Music For A Darkened Theatre Vol. 2. album. So definitely looking forward to having that score.

On other Elfman related news. Looks like Relativity Music Group has released the "Promised Land" soundtrack. Which includes Elfman's score and the original song "Snake Eyes". It doesn't say anything about a physical cd release. Otherwise they would've mentioned the release date. So it might be another digital release like "Silver Linings Playbook". It's already available on iTunes. Oh well. At least the music is getting release in some shape.

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