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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ClarkLuther55 View Post
Great contribution to this thread there. Because really, calling everything "asshat" is so mature and intelligent of you.

This is why Star Wars discussions are so garbage. So many people with strong opinions and a short understanding of the facts. So many arrogant people who are insulting and dismissive of people who want more substantial discussion about these movies.
You don't want a substantial discussion about these movies, you want to go to a thread called "The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread" and complain when someone has a strong negative opinion. Theres an Appreciation thread too, if you want to talk over there about how brilliant you think the prequels are then go ahead, we won't bother you or in anyway impede on your right to express your views. However, to praise these movies and try to defend them here is like jumping in a shark tank gushing blood expecting not to get bit.

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