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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by the_scream View Post
I see what you're saying but don't really all. The Bane in this film is presented as someone wh is methodical, brutal, loyal, completely committed, arrogant and ultimately self serving. This is shown throughout the film. I don't see him as simply following Talia. All the scenes shown in the film, bar one, shows he is an unstoppable force and self driven.
Yes, just like he was brutal, loyal, self driven, and completely committed to Talia in the pit when she was a child protecting her from dozens of vicious murderous inmates. Putting his life on the line just to protect a child when he had no personal incentive to do so other than he loved her. Here he was years later willing to die for her again.

So what makes you think his priorities of servitude, loyalty and willing to die just for Talia because he loved her had changed?

He could have got the LOS to beat Batman but he chooses to confront him one on one with no weapons. A loyal servant doesn't need this fanfare. He's trying to show Bruce he's the better man.
What makes you think it wasn't Talia's idea to do that? To have Bane beat Batman senseless and then toss him in the pit?

"Vengeance against the man who killed my father is simply a reward for my patience"

Talia is the one who infiltrates Wayne Enterprises. Talia is the one who seduces Bruce, sleeps with him, gains his trust. What personal reasons do you ever hear from Bane about him wanting to break Batman other than saying he betrayed the LOS? You don't.

Some of you do be saying well I think Bane was doing it for this or that, but there is nothing in the movie that supports any of these interpretations. No dialogue, and no plot points. What the movie does show is Bane was a brutally driven loyal servant to Talia, willing to die for her, ever since she was a child. What is the big difference to what he was doing for her in the pit to what he was doing years later in Gotham?

A loyal servant does not stand up and give passionate speeches to cause revolution.
He does if he's doing it for someone he is loyal to and loves. You know kind of like willing to die for a child you don't even know in a prison pit. If you're willing to die for someone, then giving a few phony speeches is a drop in the ocean compared to that.

He doesn't ignore the wides of their "master" and decide to kill the hero anyway even though his supposed master wanted him alive.
With ten minutes left to live for all of them, that hardly makes a big difference does it. Especially since Talia would be oblivious to it.

He doesn't arrogantly announce in front of the entire LOS that he IS the LOS.
What you mean when Talia isn't there and can't hear it?

You mean he wasn't going to give away the "twist" that he's working with the daughter of Ra's that early in the movie? I'm shocked!

It's like Ra's hallucination that conveniently reveals Ra's was the mercenary and Bane was his child. It was all subterfuge.

The way I believe Bane is interpreted is one with several motivations. He seems to want to best Batman in battle.
The only reason he got to fight Batman in the first place is because Batman went looking for him in the first place, and used Selina to do it, who betrayed him in order to save herself.

What makes you think Talia wasn't told about this opportunity and instructed Bane to break him and put him in the pit she, Bane and her mother suffered in?

He wants to fulfil the destiny of Ras but I interpret it as wanting to show he can do what Ras couldn't--showing he is better than the man who cast him out.
You can interpret it that way if you like. There's certainly nothing in the movie that supports that. Name one single quote that suggests it.

We all know Nolan is anything but subtle when it comes to the villains motives. So lets hear it.

At the same time, I also see hm as a man as a protector of Talia because this interpretation of Bane isn't just a two dimensional killing machine like his comic counterpart. He has more to him.
Two things:

1. Bane's back story in the comics has more dimension to it than just being some prisoner in a pit whom we don't know why he's in there, why he want's to protect little Talia other than he just cares about her. Have you read Vengeance of Bane?

2. You do know Bane loved Talia in the comics, too, right?

Your depiction of him is simply not what was shown on the film IMHO.
Funny I was just going to say the same thing to you

Originally Posted by Hawkeye70000000 View Post
If Bane was just following orders from Talia then why did he need to be the one to kill Bruce in the end. Why not just hold him there till the bomb went off?
Angry bruised ego for getting his ass kicked in front of Talia by someone he'd already beaten. Talia was gone. He was never going to see her again. They were all going to die in a few minutes. What difference would it make if Batman died a few minutes earlier? Talia would be none the wiser and never would find out either.

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