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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake VI

I mentioned in another thread that I had wished that they could have substituted (replace) some of the earlier scenes in the film that showed Blake and instead, showcase moments that would have established him as a good street fighter with potential if he were to hone his fighting skills.

Heck, if we could have seen him chasing down a few thugs/criminals in a way that we saw Will Smith's character doing at the start of the first Men in Black film that would have been good.

And another thing that would have helped back up Bruce's belief that Blake was a worthy successor and not someone like Dent who could fall so easily if pushed too far was showcasing some kind of moment to display that Blake wouldn't give into his hate; maybe he catches a criminal who ruthlessly murdered one of the orphans from his orphanage, and when he has a chance to execute the guy in cold blood, he choose to rise above that and turn him in. There are scenes that I could easily pick from the film that I would have replaced them with my options.

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