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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

A few people i've talked to have mentioned they feel like Katie lacks chemistry with Stephen. Which I can see, I guess. I don't necessarily think that's a fixed problem, though. As a show goes on and the actors work together more playing off of each other can get better.

As I've said, I certainly don't think Katie is a bad actress. I don't think she's any less convincing as a lawyer than Katie Holmes/Maggie in Nolan's series. She certainly doesn't come off as an aged experienced attorney, but she fits fine as the young, eager, go-getter.

I think the biggest problems are with the cynical untrusting love-hate thing corner they seem to always write Laurel into. But again that comes down to writing. Is she the best actress on tv? hell no. But she's not awful. It's still a first season of a show where she's a supporting character. I think she'll come into her own as it goes on.

... Or the writing will get worse, and we'll have another Kristin Kreuk situation, where they have no idea what to do with her character and she's just the worst thing about the show. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

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