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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

I love the movie but I am still really really shocked that Nolan went this route w the movie. It worked better on screen than it sounded beforehand but I'll admit; It felt like they had no better ideas left and threw the whole Los/bane/talia thing out there to just end it. I remember back in the speculation days when people would theorize how it was gonna be bane n talia vs. batman/catwoman w the Los in tow it just sounded so awkward and forced. Like I said I love the film for what it is but I have a nagging feeling had Heath ledger lived wed have gotten something much more dynamic and closer to what Nolan probably would've wanted. I just can't get over the similarities to begins at certain parts of rises. They r so in your face that it's almost off putting. Hard to believe really. But I will say its made up for for me in that the things it does well, it does unbelievably well.

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