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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

The main reason of Talia's mission was to fullfill the League's unfinished task. Revenge against Bruce, as she says herself, is merely ancillary to her goals and a personal reward. It is true that the League abandoned all pretenses of logic by that time and let their base hatred of Goham shine through, attacking Gotham even if it didn't deserve it in accordance to their logic. And it is also true that is how a defeated fundamentalist terrorist organization might act out as. But it makes for a poorer movie with poor motivations from the antagonists. Especially compared to the tighter logic of Ras and The Joker. Or perhaps they did have proper justification. Perhaps Gotham was just as corrupt as it was pre-Begins. But Nolan did a poor job emphasizing that in the film. Perhaps he should've afforded us more than verbal hints of a sort of Police state Gotham morphed into. But I don't know if a more totalitarian goverment that pushed crime out so much that going after book thieves ccould be used as a joke among policeman would be what incites the League's wrath. One would think they would cheer the severe limitation of civil rights imposed on criminals. I dunno. It's all so contradictory. All so logically jumbled. All too vague, buried under verbal exposition without actual exploration to give it weight.

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