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Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
That is what the trades are actually for. Issues that are very old, not 12 months and less.

TPB's don't take up much less room than the single issues. Why not just buy them digitally, then they take up no physical space at all?

Then buy the trade. The trade off (no pun intended) is that you have to wait until the story is out of circulation.

But you now know 1 thing you do like, like so much you want to pursue further, so why not just pursue Snyder's Batman further?

No it's not horrible. Not even a little bit. DC Comics focuses more on comics, rather than graphic novels. If you want a story, just buy it. Otherwise, wait or buy the Earth One series.
I have NO room for single issues, I have enough boxes with 12 years worth of Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers that I gave up buying weekly/monthly issues to save on room. I can put up shelves to fill with the actual novels or collections which look alot nicer.
I don't really care for digital comics, I like the real thing, sure if they give me a free code to get a copy of my issues incase I sell them thats great.

Yes DC might wait until something is out of print, yet Marvel (who I've stuck with for 12 years) had the AVX hardback out pretty much the month after it all finished. That's much better than waiting a year for another book with just 6 issues to read when 20+ have come out.

All I'm saying is I WANT to get into DC's New 52 but there not making it easy, for someone who wants to just get a trade of something that got great reviews after a few stories.

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