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Default Re: Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"

Okay, so the Far Eastern stuff will be held out for a later date, keeping into consideration that there's even a beginning date.

So, while still keeping discussion open on the game world, time we move to the next "chapter" of my Sword & Sorcery "Treatise" (I like quotes if you couldn't tell already)...

Races of Gods & Men 2.0

As for the races I wanted to keep it relatively short, with only a handful of base races, and with a few of them being split into separate subspecies (I.E. High Elf, Wood Elf, Drow). By no means are these the only races one can play as, nor will the listed subspecies be the only versions of a species available.

Creativity is always encouraged, so if one wanted to say play a different kind of elf or dwarf, or perhaps another of the monstrous races, then by all means create that race for the game and submit the info with the proper application for your character.
Granted, for the game, the more unique (or bizarre) the character type, the more the app will be under scrutiny. For instance if one wished to play a dragon, the sales pitch better be well thought out and detailed.

I know in the original Gods & Men game, there was a cap for the number of allowed PCs for a given monstrous race or creature (such as only one lich or only one vampire PC is permitted in the game at the given time). I don't really wish to impose a limit like this if G&M2.0 ever did get off of the factory floor. Though, to play my own devil's advocate a bit, I also would not want to see everyone who would sign up want to play a dragon.

In the name of diversity within the game, I would think some measure must be applied to prevent such potential problems (thoughts and ideas are always appreciated). Though I will say that I think such problems would be rare, as I think the different tastes and creative mindsets of the potential players would nigh prevent such a unbalance to occur.

Any gods mentioned will be detailed a bit later when I get to the pantheon portion of this G&M2.0 pitch, and same can be said for mention of the Underdark, which will get it's own little "chapter."


The Fair Skins, as they are not-so-affectionately called by the other races, are one of the two ancient races on the planet. As Elven legends go, when the Earth was young, the Elven species lived underground. But, as the planet changed and life began to flourish upon it's surface, a great schism occurred among them.

Certain tribes, much to the dismay of their brethren, made their way to the surface to carve out their place amid this "new" world. These prehistoric Elves would spread across the Earth, and evolve into the varied subspecies of Elf that exist today.

The Elves that remained underground grew to hate their surface dwelling brethren, becoming envious of the World Above (though Drow legends spin a much different tune). These elves become known as the Drow and declared a blood feud against their surface kin.

The Elves in the world today fall into three known types, though stories tell of other possible Elven subspecies out in the world that have yet to be discovered.

The first type of Elf is the most commonly found, called a High Elf (also referred to as a Common Elf or just plain Elf). High Elves are usually the height of the average man, but way considerably less. They are quicker and more agile than a human, but not as strong. They also possess a much keener sense of sight and hearing than a human does.

High Elves worship the entire Seldarine (Elvish name for the Elven pantheon), with emphasis on the Father of the Elves, Corellon Larethian (Lord of the Seldarine and creator of the Elves). The holiday of Faradome (Agelong in the common tongue) celebrates the creation of the Elven people and the victory in battle over Corellon Larethian over Gruumsh One-Eye (creator god of the Orcs) and is probably the only Elven holiday that is observed by all of the fair folk across the planet.

The average life span of a High Elf is just under five-hundred years.

The second type are Wood Elves (also known as the Sylvan Elves or Sidhe Elves in the British Isles). Wood Elves make their homes deep in the forests of the world, far away from the bustling cities of "civilization." They are practitioners of the old ways, and are one with nature. Along with the physical gifts all Elves share, Wood Elves have an innate connection with nature. They can predict changes in the weather with uncanny accuracy, as well as seemingly "talk" with the natural animals of the world (by natural animals I mean things like bears, lions, elk, and even a pegasus, not monstrous ones like a manticore or griffin).

Unlike the High Elves who praise the entire Seldarine, Wood Elves revel in nature and sing praises only to the Lord Rallathil, the Elven deity of nature (though they do acknowledge and respect the entire Seldarine). And when it comes to religious paths, Wood Elves are more apt to become druids than they are priests or clerics.

The average life span of a Wood Elf is around five-hundred and fifty years.

The third known type of Elf is also the most rare to see, above ground at least, the Drow (also known as the Dark Elves). Drow are the evil branch of the Elven species, and are one of the powers in the Underdark. Revering the Spider Queen, Lolth, Drow society is matriarchal in that it is ruled by Matron Mothers, the heads of the most powerful families in a given city and high priestesses of Lolth.

Males are treated as second class and often fall into the discipline of the blade or the mystical arts. Drow cities are usually as massive as they are ornate in their design, being carved right out rock face of massive caverns. The most famous of Drow city (and, truthfully, the only one that's existence is known of by the surface world) is the city of Menzoberranzan, which is a massive city-state nearly as large as Athens.

Being creatures of the Underdark, all Drow have an innate "night vision" that allows them to see in the dark. Likewise, this extreme light sensitivity can damage their eyes if out on the surface when the sun is out.

Whether by millennia of being bathed in the raw mystical energies that permeate the Underdark, or by the blessings of Lady Lolth (as the Matrons profess), Drow possess two innate magical qualities. The first one gives them the ability to conjure a "faerie fire" (mystical flames of a various color that do not burn, but encapsulate a target for a small duration), and the second innate ability is strong resistance to mind-influencing magics.

Drow also use a powerful sleep poison on their darts and bolts that has come to be known and feared by all surface folk.

The average life span of a Drow is around six-hundred years.

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