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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
Yes I am because thats what Star Wars is, theres no grey areas with Vader or the Emperor.
Oh wow. You are literally saying that you refuse to think about this in any way beyond a childish "good guys" and "bad guys." You are literally saying that you can ignore what the movies show themselves.

Seriously. I challenged you in that last post and accused you of looking at things "simplistically"...and you come back and proudly declare that you are simplistic.

Lucas's big defense that it's a movie for kids, it's not that deep.
The movies do have a target audience of young boys. That does not allow you to casually disregard the facts.

What did the opening of ROTS say again? "There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere."

And yes, wanting to build something that destorys an entire planet and kills billions is justifiable. The Trade Federation droids mentioned "camp 4" and the Vice Roy orderded Amidala to be "processed" implying they had some time of concentration camps. These aren't people with good intentions.
Are you just carrying on because admitting that you're wrong would be the end of your self-esteem, or are you this incapable of understanding the discussion?

Did I say the Trade Federation was nice? No I didn't.

I said that there are different villains with different motives.

You do NOT get to ignore what the movies clearly and repeatedly state onscreen (that these guys are "Separatists" who want to "secede") and replace it with your own badly thought out fanfic version.

They want to build a Death Star, they have launched an invasion on the Capital, they have taken the sovereign leader hostage. I think that one explains itself.
So you go in circles again. So kidnapping the leader still equals "control the galaxy"?

You just said that the Republic had a lot of power like "the Jedi" and "the ship the Jedi came on". If Palpatine has the army, which was demonstrated to be capable of killing dozens of highly skilled Jedi Masters, then he can take over.
So killing a few dozen Jedi is equal to invading and occupying countless trillions of citizens the galaxy over?

I don't think you know how an occupation works. After all, you don't seem to see an advantage between violently conquering people, and having them willingly submit to your rule.

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