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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

You know what, BenKenobi, you are right. You are completely right and I am wrong.

When the movies called the Trade Federation "Separatists," and when they repeatedly stated their intention to "secede," the movie didn't really mean it. They forgot to do the find and replace needed to change "secede" to "conquer everything," which is why this same mistake pops up consistently throughout more than one movie.

If the movies contradict what you say, the movies are wrong.

There literally cannot be any gray area in the movies' conflicts, or any villains with separate opposing agendas, because you say so.

The lines in ROTS's opening text, which outright state "There are heroes on both sides" and "evil is everywhere," were mistakes. The editor should've removed those from the film. He should hve listened to you.

You are the big bad shark, and I am "threatened" by your superior intelligence. An intelligence which you have demonstrated to be superior, with your inability to grasp any conflicts beyond "good guys" vs. "bad guys."

This is a place for substantial Star Wars discussion, where no one is allowed to disagree or point out an error. Someone isn't making a worthy contribution unless they join your comfort zone and agree with you.

It is far more important for you to hear that you are 100% completely right, than it is for me to continue this stupid discussion with you. It's New Year's Eve and I have better things to do than continue with you. So congratulations BenKenobi, you are completely right. Hope that makes you feel better.

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