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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

I can see the writing is not great, but Katie Cassidy was miscast from the get go from my p.o.v . A miscast is a miscast. Way before the shown even started and that that hasnt changed and wont, gave her a chance nevertheless (9 episodes), almost everyone stepped up with or without brilliant writing. TBH I dont know why she was cast she is far removed from the character she is playing and she lacks range and acting to get in character and to make it work, she isnt versatile. Sorry, I dont think she fits the role yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yeah some people I seen around think she is miscast and think she lacks in acting too, thats a very bad and dangerous combination. If it was one or the other might be able to work out not both.

I would hope they recast to salvage this character, but if not thats ok, I do like and enjoy a lot of the other things in the show. It would be sad coz I really want to enjoy this character, like most others in the show. If some people are enjoying her performance then thats cool, I'm happy for them. I dont blame the actress at all for this, but a little on the casting people, but they are human too and they make mistakes so I forgive. Maybe I could even say I blame the network (CW) the most for this (mis) casting, I speculate they pushed the actress on the show, nothing will convince me otherwise until further proof, this casting really just makes no sense to me, the acting talent is lacking, the right and suitable look, age or personality is null. It makes no sense to me as with most casting for female characters I suppose, the actress playing Helena was awful and some other actresses. Its almost like they are casting them based on looks or because they hold some kind of contract at CW and not considering acting talent or if they suit the role.
Dont mean to start the new year with gloom, but the situation already is gloomy for the character imo. Will agree to disagree.

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