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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ClarkLuther55 View Post
So "substantial discussion" about the movies can't mean disagreeing with someone else?

BTW, I find the idea of dividing people into "Anti" and "Pro" discussion threads to be incredibly lame. Instead of using fandom as something to bring people together with a common interest, no matter what their opinion is, it's using fandom to divide people into separate camps. Also, it's a way for people to escape into echo chambers where everyone agrees with them, right or wrong.

What happens if, God forbid, someone in one of these threads says something factually wrong? Going by this "my side only" thinking, people would be discouraged from correcting him.

I'm fundamentally opposed to these kinds of threads at all.
Your complaining about me and how I think I'm right, the point of the thread is for people who don't like the prequels. I agree echo chambers suck, thats why I never post on the RedLetterMedia boards, it's too much of an extreme. Being said, you are in position to criticize my choice to openly express my views somewhere that was created for people like me to do exactly so.

Translation: You don't want to hear any opinions that disagree with you. You like your little echo chamber.
No, translation: There's a good number of people who see these films as jokes compared to the originals and you can't make a big deal out of someone saying something is "asshat" on a thread made for people who don't like these films.

You're hardly a "shark" to me.
Every time someone says something that you don't agree with, rather than attacking their argument you make some snide remark or try to discredit them as a poster, or claim victim to people you strongly believe in their views. You said it yourself you don't like an echo chamber and you came to this thread to have an actual discussion, this implies that you are anticipating highly opinionated people and you expect exactly what you're getting.

My point is don't complain about people that don't agree with you, when you're on here for that very reason.

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