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Default Re: Batman: The Animated Series vs. The Batman

Batman:The Animated Series FTW!! It had that 1940's art-style and atmosphere to it and it looked way more three dimensional than The Batman because it had a lot more shadowing and depth in it. I agree with the previous comments about the animation but around season 2 the animation in many episodes was spot-on, especially "Trial" and "Batgirl Returns". I believe that BTAS was at it's peak in terms of depth, shadowing and animation in those episodes. I also like that the characters looked more realistic compared to The Batman. I mean Batgirl looks like a 10 year old with a huge head in The Batman and Poison Ivy..... soooo damn skinny it's not even funny. I also hated how the Joker looked in this show and Bruce looked too much like Jackie Chan from the Jackie Chan Adventures.

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