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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
They didn't know that when they came back to Gotham. Bane only discovered the Dent cover up by accident when Gordon was brought to his lair and they found his confessional letter on him. If they knew that BEFORE they came to Gotham, then it would have made a lot more sense. There was no reason for the LOS to destroy Gotham. The city was prospering in a peace time where crime rates were so low that the Mayor was going to retire Gordon.

Greedy businessman like Daggett are everywhere all over the world. Much like how every city has some degree of crime in it like the Mayor said. I don't see the LOS targeting every city in the world. It's a pathetic reason to destroy a whole city because of that. At least Ra's in Begins was all about destroying Gotham when it was overrun with crime and corruption. I could buy into his philosophy. I couldn't take Bane's plan seriously at all. Especially after Ra's and Joker's schemes had some logic to them.
I agree with you mostly, but I will say that with Bane, let's remember that this guy was basically evil with a dusting of good (feeling the need to protect Talia), and his whole plan was to torture an entire city by giving it false hope before reducing its entire population and infrastructure to ashes. When I think about that, and when I also consider how smart he was, it makes me think that he took advantage of his relationship with Talia to basically be a giant mass murdering prick because he was just that effed up in the head to begin with.

He knew Talia felt similarly about Gotham as her father did, so he worked for/with her so that he could command the League of Shadows for his own sick purpose of torturing and killing millions of people because that's just what he was all about. Meaning that Bane might not have even really believed in the LoS's philosophy, but rather he was abusing it to gain the power he needed to do what he did/almost did in the movie.

The real question is why Talia felt the same as her father. I suppose it's meant to be the obvious: Same genetics, similar living, both in with the league of shadows, and once she got out of the pit at around age 10 (I'm guessing that's about the age), she was also then raised/nurtured by her father. But even still, it gets back to the problem of why Gotham STILL needed to be destroyed at the time of DKR.

I mean the LoS would be phenomenally hypocritical to begrudge someone doing a necessary evil for the greater good, thus they should have no problem with what Bruce and Jim did to get the Harvey Dent Act.

So you hate Bruce for 'killing' your father. Okay. Go kill him, then. But why go along with Bane's wishes regarding the city and its people? Is she just as dark as he is, or did she think she was still doing the greater good? Did she really think she needed to kill millions of innocent to relatively-innocent people just to wipe out the corruption in the white collar community of Gotham? Especially in a city with no organized crime and apparently a pretty clean police force? A good mayor? Just seems inexplicable to me why she would allow Bane to do what he did given the state of Gotham at that time.

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