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Default Re: An In-Depth Ranking of Every Marvel/DC Movie Superhero

I love Phantasm as much as anyone but remember that these rankings are based on the theatrical movies alone, the animated series as a whole doesn't count. I'm judging it as if it was a 75 minute feature that you see out of context without knowing the rest of the series.

So in this instance the animated Batman only had to carry 75 minutes of a relatively simple plot (extremely well done and executed, top notch in terms of animation, but still was forced to be relatively simple if you're comparing it to the Nolan stuff because kids needed to understand and enjoy it as well), while the characters ahead for the most part had to carry multiple hours.

Had I factored in the countless hours of excellent work that Conroy and the various producers did developing their version of Batman through the various TV shows it would obviously be a different story.

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