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Default Re: The Joker's background?

It's hard to say. They obviously hold some great significance and importance to him, especially his father.

Joker doesn't see himself as crazy to society, society is crazy to him, at the moment. He see's himself as the future and true form of what life and society really are about...EVERYTHING is a joke. Madness to him is what he is and where we're all headed. Chaos is the the future, peace and order is a lie that needs to be taken down to unleash his world.

Now where did those feelings come from though? What made him like that?
I believe now, as a child, he did witness his father kill his mother...but I don't believe the father scarred his mother or him, that's his own fantasy kicking in. This must have started the ball rolling. He witnessed the first taste of evil in his life and it never left him...he obssesed over it.

I believe he fell in love and got married. But in his story, he states she left because she didn't like his company, and he tried making her happy the best way he could, by carving his face after hers was by the loan sharks...I think because of his problems, it put strain on the marriage, and she left because she couldn't handle his negativity.

There's more behind it. But I think, even though he embraces his new lifestyle, he hates his father ruining his once good life. He's thought and thought of his problems, where it all started, how it began...the father.

He blames others for his issues, for creating him...I believe to an extent, it's true, because he feels and thinks so strongly about everything. His father, his wife, crime, Batman, it all pushed him to breaking point...but he became the Joker.

But what was the breaking point? Given his fearlessness and eagerness of death and the line - "Whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger" -
I think he was attacked while going out looking to die in Gotham, and he made a request to die with a smile on his face, having no joy and never smiling in his life, and thinking it's all one big joke anyway. (This given his killing people by cutting their mouths and his wifes nagging of him being misreable, egging people on to come for him). Any sick thug or crime boss would do that thinking it was funny and happily oblige. I don't think he attempted to kill himself...but would rather die by the society which had ruined his life, people who reminded him of his father - evil and insane.

And if I think of The Killing Joke upon discovering his face, or Heath's hysteria of falling and disappointment at not dying in TDK, he probably cracked up there, thinking it was funny himself.

It may be incorrect of me to assume that scenario. But I'm just judging from what I've assessed from his character, the likelyhood of the psychology behind his actions in the movie and the sources from which they potentially came. That's what I deduce.

Joker himself is the creation of all those little factors.

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