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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by ManInTheNarrows View Post
I agree. Its still a very nice piece overall and i love the Batman Begins figure but it would have been nice to just make the maskless Batman with the cowl a Chase Variant in the regular MM Rises line.

I'm pretty sure this will prob retail for $44.99 considering that the Bane and Bats 2 pack was $34.99.
No doubt it's a nice collection, better for someone who owns none of these but to the collectors like us it's just more recycled figures for minor difference. I imagine they'll list it at $49.99, just for the sake of keeping with the overpricing of figures. Hopefully down the road I'll find the TDKR with the extra mask on eBay for a fair price.

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