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Originally Posted by CaptainStacy View Post
I'd rather just see a different actor step in and play Tony Stark. Especially since the theme of the next IM movie is "Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?"

There's only one real Iron Man. Tony Stark.
If we had our way, RDJ would play Iron Man in perpetuity, but failing that, I find it interesting as to how something like this just boils down to essentially what 'feels' right to each individual fan-person.

RDJ being replaced would just feel wrong to me. RDJ choosing his successor would just play better IMO.

Either way we are probably hypothesizing about something that would probably happen WAAAY down the road.

I fully expect Downey to renew with Marvel for another 3-4 movies at least, post-IM3.

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